Littlewoods are proud to announce the launch of Mark Wright!!! To celebrate he has chosen his 'top picks' from the Goodsouls range.

Goodsouls Mens Roll Hem Shorts - £34.00

“This reminds me of Ibiza – summer evenings when it’s not too hot and a night out with the lads – cool and stylish”
Goodsouls*Mens Roll Hem Shorts |

Goodsouls Mens Slim Fit Puppytooth Suit Jacket - £92.00

“This has got to be my favourite suit – if I’m going to a premier or a party I’d always wear this colour”
Goodsouls Mens Slim Fit Puppytooth Suit Jacket

Goodsouls Mens Single Breasted Suit Jacket - £79.00

“I love this suit jacket you can mix and match with cords – risky – but looks great”
Goodsouls*Mens Single Breasted Suit Jacket |

Goodsouls Mens Colour Block Cardigan - £34.00

“I love these colours for Autumn – team up with black for a classic look”
Goodsouls*Mens Colour Block Cardigan |

Goodsouls Mens Essentials Roll Neck Jumper - £30.00

“For shopping, partying or dinner –it’s really comfortable”
Goodsouls*Mens Essentials Roll Neck Jumper |