A few friends have asked, here's the details: New 2015/16 ISA Allowance for the 2015 - 2016 tax year is now 15,240.

You can use the 15-16 ISA Allowance fully in cash, fully in stocks and shares or split whatever way you want.

So if you want the safety of cash you can put say 10,000 in cash and try and get better returns on the stock market with the 5,240.

Or if you're fed up with the interest rates from cash you may want to try for more on the stocks and shares ISA, you can even use it all if you have a cash buffer for safety already or you think you know what you're doing on with stocks and shares - I sadly didn't and put some of my 2014/15 ISA into Sainsbury's shares which as you may know dropped off a bit before Christmas. I have also trickle fed a couple of managed funds with 50 a month, they've currently returned 5 and 8% which can go up or down from now obviously. I will be continuing to trickle feed these manage funds through the 2015 to 2016 tax year ISA allowance even though it's only 1,200 as a disabled person with relatively low income (why I have to be a smart money saver) I don't like a lot of risk at the moment and try to keep as much in my cash ISA but am fed up of the rubbish interest rates!