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Message: European cities for foodies

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Despite its rise from small fishing village to cosmopolitan capital, Amsterdam retains an appealing modesty. Its elongated, unadorned architecture, canals, and cobbled streets, combined with bicycle-friendly flat terrain offer its inhabitants an easy ride and a neighbourhood feel. Modesty however, is not something which applies to its infamous red light district. Whether it repels you or draws you in, it is undoubtedly an eye-opening experience and an unashamed display of liberation and tolerance.


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In every sense, Barcelona has become one of the hottest destinations in Spain. With its surreal architecture, designer boutiques, and contemporary cultural scene, this seaside city embodies a cosmopolitan vibe like no other. Cutting-edge performances take place in medieval quarters, and economic activity churns as people hit the beaches. Barcelona has a personality all of its own and despite being the most popular Spanish destination, its identity is quintessentially Catalonian.


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Germany’s capital is no conventional beauty, and although the city has been cleaned and restored since the fall of the Berlin Wall, several of its charms are still to be found around its many rough edges.


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